Coder's Club Events & Activities

Insights into the Tech Industry

  1st December 2022

The Speaker was Mr Mayur Mahambrey, who is a Senior Data Scientist at Siemens. The speaker started by talking about the StackOverflow developer survey where the survey is about what people in the tech industry identify themselves as. Then he did a deep dive into the various roles like App Development, DevOps etc wherein he explained their roles, responsibilities and popular tools and technologies that are used for that particular role. Later he even touched upon the topics of AI and the Internet of Things and explained what they mean, as well as mentioned the required academic foundation for different fields.

Introduction to Open Source and Hacktoberfestt

  1st October 2022

GEC Coders’ Club organized an introductory hands-on session on Open Source and Hacktoberfest for the students of GEC on 1 October 2022 as a part of its “Dive into Dev” event. This was the second of two sessions held during the event. It was streamed live on YouTube, and Medam Greeshma from T.E Computer was the speaker. Students were introduced to Git and Open Source during the session. In addition, GitHub and Hacktoberfest were also discussed. Resources for the installation of required tools were shared among the students and hands-on teaching was implemented.

Roadmap to Development

  30th September 2022

GEC Coders’ Club organized its very first session of the academic year on the topic “Roadmap to Development” for the students of GEC on 30 September 2022. The session was the first of the two-part event “Dive into Dev”, conducted by Azvern Dias from S.E. Computer in the IT Department Auditorium. The session aimed at introducing the audience to the field of Software Development and the subfields within Development that are currently booming. Attended by over 140 students, the speaker talked about different dev fields like App Dev, Web Dev and Game Dev, while also sharing resources and his experience.

Coding Competition

  23rd March 2021

A coding competition was held in two categories, beginner and advanced category which saw participation from over 20 students from all branches of the college. The coding competition had 3 questions each in each category with variable difficulty to help students test their coding skills and compete with all their peers.


13th December 2020

Ms Riddhi Siddarkar, Mr. Vipul Chodankar and Ms. Suniti Gaonkar along with the help of other core team members held a session to give an overview of few popular languages, how to start learning them and what they are popularly used for. It was an effort made to help the members new to coding get a clear picture on choosing a language based on their interests

Introduction to Programming using Scratch

13th December 2020

Mr. TS Vishwak along with the help of core team members, took up a hands-on session to introduce students to basics of programming using a block-based visual programming language, Scratch. The session focused more on the applying logic to solve a given problem. Various ways of implementing control statements, functions, variables were explained by creating a simple game using scratch.

Github projects

Academic Year 2020-21

To help the students new to the world of technology and development, we decided to introduce them to a very useful and widely used tool git and github. We shared a few online resources for the members to learn the basics of git and github, after 5 days we opened a few basic projects in C/C++, the members had to collaborate and complete a few functions in the project. This provided a way of helping the members to apply their knowledge of git/github on real time projects and work as a team in completing the projects.


30th May 2020

Mr. Salil Naik spoke about how technology has been changing with time and how do we adapt to this changing trends. He also mentioned his journey with using different technologies, inspired and motivated the audience to take up learning different technologies and participate in hackathons, ideathons. Mr.Kevin Abraham Mathew explained in simple terms what web scraping is, what are its advantages and applications. This was followed by a hands-on session to help the audience get an insight of how to web scrap using python. At the end of the session both the speakers interacted with the audience and answered their queries.

Code and chill

22nd February 2020

A competitive coding contest to help the members of club brush up their logical reasoning skills and coding skills. The questions was set in such a way that all the members could participate in the contest with minimal knowledge of programming languages.28 members had signed up for the contest


12th October 2019

On the occasion of IEEE day, Coders club collaborated with the IEEE students’ branch of GEC to have a short hands-on training session.The session was taken up by Mr.Jibin Sabu, Chair of IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit- Goa 2017. The speaker gave insights regarding different ways to approach various competitive coding questions and interacted with the audience clarifying their doubts and gave helpful tips regarding competitive coding. The event was attended by around 20 students.


4th October 2019

Code-it was a state level competitive coding event held at the technical event of “TECHFLUENCE” of the IT department, GEC. The contest was held in 3 rounds, i.e: · Quiz round · Debug round · Coding round. All together 19 teams from various colleges of goa participated in the event, 8 of which qualified for the 2nd round and 4 top teams qualified for the final round.

First meetup

29th September 2019

Organised a meetup to introduce the members of Coders’ Club to : 1. Hackathons 2. Get started with Git and Github Vritika Naik gave a detailed overview of different ways of going about a hackathon. Many tips and learning resources were shared with the participants of the session. Julius Alphonso took a hands-on session to display the working of Git/Github and described the benefits of using git/github while working in a team. The event was attended by 69 members of the group.