Drama Club Events & Activities

Audition for Short film

14th Jan 2019

On  14 jan 2019, GEC Drama club  organized an audition for a short film by 1 mm studios. The audition was a great success where the students got a chance to showcase their acting skills. The movie they auditioned was for movie 10 Watts

Drama club orientation session

19th November 2021

The club orientation session was held at ETC Seminar hall. Introduction to the council members, their roles, experience. Interaction with all the attendees. Familiarization to the club and various activities, competitions by Ex GS Viddesh Padiyar

Briefing regarding mode of notifications, Drama club youtube channel and social media as well as announcement of Magazine and Site launch. Audition/ Open mic session for all members to show their talents. Students displayed various talents such as  monologues, characterizations, mime, self written poems, standup, short skits etc

Script reading session

1st December 2021

With the guidance of Prof Purti Savardekar, a short session was held to introduce students to reading and analysing scripts. An excerpt from P.L Deshpande’s book was read aloud by all. A fun discussion followed that ended with happy faces.

Shortfilm Competition

14th December 2021

Drama club organised Short-film competition for students of GEC, the theme being- Astitva: Conspiracy Theories.The duration was specified as a max of 10mins and languages allowed were English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani or none at all! Cash prizes of 3000 for 1st place and 1500 for 2nd place ws declared. The winning short films were to be screened at Drama Club's inaugural ceremony. Participants got to deep dive into the world of film making after the ceremony with Geetesh Gawas and GEC's very own Sainath Uskaikar.

Drama Club Council Inaugural Ceremony

16th December 2021

The inaugural ceremony was held in Mining Dept. seminar hall. It started off with a Musical Performance by the GEC Music Club. The Lamp lighting ceremony took place at the hands of the honourable Chief Guest Shri Siddhesh. A report was delivered by Former General Secretary, Mr. Viddesh Padiyar that included previous years’ activities. We got the chance to hear a motivating and appreciative speech by Mr. Siddhesh Naik. The newly formed council members were presented with badges and mementos to the outgoing council members. 

The results of short film competition titled “Astitva: Conspiracy Theories” organized by the Drama Club for the GEC Students were announced, followed by screening of winning short films. Magazine Secretary Mr. Srinidhi Bhat introduced the Drama Club e-magazine “Kala Tarang”. After the ceremony an interactive session was held for the participants of the short film competition with the judges Mr. Geetesh Gawas and Mr. Sainath Uskaikar.