Music Club Events & Activities

Christmas Carol Singing

  16th December 2022

The main council in collaboration with the music club organized a Carol singing event on 16th Dec, at the Mining Dept from 3-5 pm. The event invited teams to perform Christmas Carols. The winners were awarded a Cash Prize. Everyone enthusiastically participated in the event and thus it resulted in a great success.

Open Mic, 24th Nov 2022

  24th Nov 2022

The club recently held another open mic on 24th Nov 2022, at the Mining Dept from 2-5 pm. The main purpose behind the event was to introduce the music club’s activities to the newly joined First Year Students. The event gathered a huge response from both the audience and performers.

Open Mic, 30th June 2022

  30th June 2022

The club organized an Open Mic event in collaboration with Saviskaar on 30th June 2022, at the IT Auditorium from 2-5 pm. The motive of the event was to provide a platform for the creatively brilliant students of the college to perform and expose their talents through music and poetry. The event gathered an immense response from both the performers and the audience.

Christmas Jam

  23rd December 2021

Students of the music club organised a Christmas jam to set the mood for the festive season by singing carols on the campus and ensuring the participation of other students on campus.

Intercollege Battle Of  Bands events

Academic year 2020-21

Every year GEC Music Club has a band that performs at different state level and national level intercollege events. The Band, J27, Bagged 1st place at Battle of Band Events organised by other
colleges in Goa(including Plexus(GMC), Brahmastra(GCQ), Cultrang(IIT Goa)) and also took part in a national level Battle of Bands event held at Manipal Institute of Technology.

Independence Day Performance

15th August 2019

Every year students of GEC Music Club stage a performance on independence, the opportunity to perform is given to the First Year students of that year and aims to bring together all the new joiners by giving them a chance to perform some patriotic songs.

August 2018 Open Mic

14th August 2018

GEC Music Club encourages everyone at GEC irrespective of whether they’re musicians or not to come and enjoy open mics on regular occasions, the speciality of this open mic is that it was conducted outside the canteen, enabling all people to walk in and out of the canteen at a busy hour to come and join the session, sing and tap their feet to the music.