HAPPENINGS- All Goa Youth Fest

Happenings is an All-Goa Youth Fest organized by the college. The festival was started in 1981. It is officially the oldest college festival in Goa.

The college hosts the rock show Zero, Millennium in 1997, Parikrama in 1998, Pentagram in 1996 and 1999, Ezee Meat in 1997, Brahma in 2000, PDV, Moksha, Metakix, Psychomotor, Sceptre in 2004. Rock machine, lately known as Indus Creed, was the first band ever that played in GEC.

In 2008, Goa witnessed the biggest youth festival in Goa so far, at Farmagudi. 35 events were conducted over three days in February. The biggest attraction was the Pronite on 22 February featuring Jal the Band from Pakistan and Rock show on 23 February featuring Decibel from Delhi and Fahrenheit.

2009 saw two other big names performing for the rock show, "Bhayanak Maut" And "Reverse Polarity", both based in Mumbai.

Currently the organizing the event is under revamp and expected to take New Shape with wider variety of cultural events