Faculty Achievements
SN  Name of the Faculty Member Name of the Book, Title of the Award, Name of the Product Name of Agency/ Institution sponsoring the award (only recognized and reputed agencies) 
1 Dr K G Guptha, Dr Purnanand Savoikar Publication of Book on Concrete Technology  Creative books publication 
2 Dr. Purnanand Savoikar  Springer Best Paper Awards for two papers  ICRDSI 2019 Conference organized by KIIT Bhubaneswar
3 Dr K G Guptha  Bricks from mine rejects: tested in all respects I.to suit as a building material as per Codal Provisions. II.Project shortlisted in the top 10 at the International Holcim Awards in Asian region y                        _
4 Dr. Purnanand Savoikar  Plastic sand – tested in all respects to suit as a building material as per Codal Provisions                       _
Dr Purnanand Savoikar and Shreya Naik Narvekar

Year Book of Institute of Steel Development and Growth 2021
6 Dr. Purnanand Savoikar  Soils/rocks in Goa, in the book called Geotechnical Characteristics of Soils and Rocks of India  CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, UK in December 2021
7 Dr. Purnanand Savoikar  09 Springer Book chapters published 
8. Dr. Purnanand Savoikar co-authored book on "Geotechnical Characertics of soils and Rocks of India " Goa chapter  
  • Best paper Awards Professor Smita Aldonkar won the best paper award in International conference at NMAMIT, Mangalore
  • Jury members -Dr K G Guptha: Jury member for AICTE clean green and smart campus, jury member for CVA (Chhatra Vishwakarma award), Jury member of AICTE for USVA (Utkrushta saunsthan vishwakarma award) Dr Purnanand Savoikar: Member of Technical Committee TC107- Laterites & Lateritic Soil of International Society of Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) for 2018-2021 representing India.
  •  Appointment as paper reviewer Dr Purnanand Savoikar : Reviewer of journals: Cogent Engineering, Taylor and Francis, UK, Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology International Journal (Springer), International journal of construction and Building Materials, Journal of Building Engineering, Elsevier Science DirectReviewer for Research project of Ministry of Earth Sciences under seismology program. 
  • Two faculties Dr Nisha Naik and Dr Sumitra Kandolkar elevated to the Professor’s grade on CAS and Smita Aldonkar elevated to Associate Professor grade on CAS.
  •  Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning Multimedia Projectors are exclusively used in the class-rooms.Internet resources such as Images, animations, videos are used to make the teaching-learning process an effective one. Documents, Images, Field data ,powerpointpresentations, links to videos are shared with the students via Emails or on WhatsAppgroups. Micro-group projects are given to students. Students area praised and motivated to refer to NPTEL lecture notes and watch videos. GATE EXAM question papers are given to students for practice. Students are taken for field visits and for routine visits of construction sites on the campus itself. Students are made familiar with themobile Apps availablefor analysis anddesign ofstructures and foundations The department was added with value added items by Association of Civil Engg. Students like Water Dispensors-2, Sound amplifier-1, Android TE-1 No, Coffee vending machine


    Conference/Journals Publications in the year 2021
    SN  Name of the Faculty Member No of National/International Publications/Jounals/Book Chapters
    1. Dr K G Guptha 07
    2. Dr Purnanand Savoikar  19
    3. Dr. Ganesh Hegde 06
    4. Dr.Nisha Naik 07
    5.  Prof. Smita Aldonkar 02
    PhD guided during the assessment period while working in the institute
    SN  Name of the Faculty Member 2020-21
    1. Dr K G Guptha 5+1
    2. Dr Purnanand Savoikar 8
    3. Dr. Ganesh Hegde 3
    4. Dr. Ulhas Sawaikar 3