Entry to the library is restricted to the bonafide members on production of Valid Identity Card.

Students / Readers shall not write on or damage the book and journals.

Students must inspect the book at the time of borrowing and make sure that they are in good condition and undamaged.  At the time of issue if any damage is noticed, a student should inform the library staff. 

In case of loss of book, the borrower has to inform the Library in writing and replace it with new copy.

Users / Readers belongings should be kept on the property counter.



Eating and group discussion in the library is strictly prohibited.

Pin drop silence should be maintained in the library.

Don’t misplace the book from any section of the library.

No student is allowed to take their personal belongings in the library. They are advised to keep their personal belongings on property counter at the entrance of library.

Students are advised “NOT” to keep money and other valuable things at the property counter along with their personal belongings.

Using mobile phones in the library premises is strictly prohibited.

Students are not allowed to sit in the library during classes.

No dues certificate will not be issued to the users unless they pay the dues & return all the books of library.

Non institutional members such as ex-students, distance  learners and others, wish to borrow  the library books will have to write an application to the Principal/Librarian. On approval of Principal/Librarian, they can obtain library membership by depositing Rs.500/- as a security deposit.  They can borrow two library books at a time for a period of 15 days.  This facility will be at the discretion of the Principal/Librarian.

LIBRARY   Department, GEC Goa