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Electrical Engineering Department was started in the year 1967 during the inception of the college.  Department now offers the Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from 2000-2001. The present intake strength for UG is 60. The department started its PG course ME (Power & Energy) Engineering from 2010-11 onwards

OUR VISION is to emerge as a ' Center of Excellence for Higher Education' and specialization in 'Electrical and Electronics Engineering' and be a strategic partner in the Industrial Advancement arena, by imparting Quality education towards the holistic development of students, with emphasis on professional Ethics and Values.

OUR MISSION is to awaken the young Minds, lay rigorous Engineering Foundation and discover new layers of Knowledge and Talents in Engineering Studies, through Dedication to Teaching, Commitment to Students and Innovative Instructional Methods.
To nurture the development of Engineering knowledge and skills to engage the world. Attitude and Core competence and inspire innovation and foster excellence in students to enable them, shine in their academic pursuits.
To set high standards of comprehensive Engineering Education, by synergizing the efforts of Departments and developing the Intellectual strength of students, towards a successful professional career.

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Department has already applied for National Accreditation & team visited the college to undertake accreditation from 3rd to 5th May 2013. The Department has qualified, distinguished and highly motivated Teachers, Researchers with extensive experience at grass root level. They analyze almost any Academic issue in 'depth and extent' and come up with optimum answers. The faculty takes pride in investigating new approaches, and challenges in Class room Environments and improves upon the Class room Technology and there is a Dynamic mix of Theoretical Lectures, Practicals, Case Studies and Project Work. A Collaborative Culture is developed in the Department and long lasting relationships of value are formed between the Students and the Faculty.
The Department’s main aim is to make curriculum relevant, interesting, state of the art and also to develop better instructional laboratories related to course work, Improve infrastructure and efficient administration. We are working hard to further strengthen our department so that it becomes one among the department in education, research & industrial relations.

Department faculty members are organised in research in field of Power Electronic, Power System, VLSI, Embedded system, Microcontroller applications, computer networking, Power System & Energy. The syllabus is already revised under Goa University. The degree program offers a good combination of the subjects related to Electrical, Electronics and computers with core subjects covering the Electrical discipline simultaneously providing ample scope to gain and widen knowledge in other disciplines.

OUR GOALS are to impart Quality Education and achieve Academic Excellence through Planning, Leadership, Brilliance, Inspiration, Effectiveness and unique opportunity for Experiential Learning.  To develop and nurture Engineering skills, Analytical and strategic skills, Soft skills, Inter- personal skills, Organizational skills and Collaborative skills and build core competence, right attitude and confidence in Students and making them discover their strong personality.

To encourage Faculty to participate in 'National / International seminars' and also in Research activities. To evolve Strategies towards Performance Planning of the Department.  To provide 'High quality and standard Academics' through a team of dedicated Faculty, sophisticated class rooms and state-of-the-art lab facilities. To update and upgrade Labs and Facilities periodically. To regularly update/upgrade and also add Books, CDs, Tapes, Journals and Magazines to the Library, as per Proposals of Faculty and Students, from time to time, through Suggestion Book, maintained in the Library.

To develop the faculty through 'Qualification Improvement Programs' and deputing/ sponsoring them for higher studies.

Dr. G. R. Kunkolienker, Head Electrical & Electronics




Internal Test -I  of E&E  department is scheduled on  26th,27th and 28th August 2019

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